•  Hello Pateros,


    We have four more weeks in the 2017-18 school year. Every day has become bittersweet with the awareness that each event will be the last time I walk with our students and staff as the superintendent. My ten-year journey in this role has been rich and rewarding and there is much to celebrate and remember. June 30th will be my last day as the superintendent of the Pateros School District.


    I look forward to the year-end events. Please see the details in Mike Hull’s letter on page 3, and on the event calendar listed on the back page of this newsletter. One of my favorite year end events happens the last week of May when the staff and students in grades K-11 line the halls to cheer for each and every senior as they walk in their caps and gowns through the elementary, junior high, and high school hallways for the last time as Pateros students.


    Our staff joins together in finding inspiring and meaningful ways to meet the needs of our students. This year’s theme “Learning for all . . . Whatever it takes” is carried out every day. During student assessments, teachers take time to write encouraging notes. Staff and students root for their upper classmates as they headed to begin their testing. Teachers work with parents and coaches to reflect on meaningful ways to engage students so they “own” their own learning.


    Our transportation, food services, maintenance, and instructional staff team well together. Faculty members who joined us this year for the first time quickly became a part of the that team. We are delighted to welcome our new school nurse, Amanda Davis, who joins us from Family Health Centers. We are appreciative of our strong partnerships with county and regional service organizations, local businesses, the City of Pateros, long-term recovery groups, and other school districts.

    This summer, July 18 – 22, we will join the community to celebrate the recovery of Rising from the Ashes in conjunction with Apple Pie Jamboree.  A series of events and activities will take place across the southern portion of Okanogan County including displays and memorabilia that will be located in the Pateros School Gym.


    Pateros Schools will continue collaborating with the community next November.  Pateros is hosting the North Central Washington Community Success Summit on Thursday, Nov. 15th in the Pateros School Gym, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The initiative for Rural Innovation and Stewardship, which is known as IRIS, is promoting the event along with sponsors and partners. They are working with leaders and community organizations to record interviews and collect stories about our community’s history. On May 29th, you are invited to an “Evening at the Museum” where you will have the opportunity to share your story.  The event starts at 5:30 p.m. at Pateros City Hall, Please visit www.irisncw.org for more information.


    My best wishes go forward to the new superintendent who will join a strong Pateros team of educators. Together, we have walked through many celebrations, tragedies, and challenges. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve in a district and community where supporting kids and building our future is a priority.


    I leave my position with deep respect and appreciation of Pateros and look forward to seeing you at this summer’s events.



    Lois A. Davies



Last Modified on May 10, 2018