“I am grateful to voters for their support of our students and schools. Local funding for our schools is critical,”  
                                                                                   Lois A Davies   


    Hello Pateros,

     The fall of 2017 has brought a series of welcome guests, visitors, and presentations to the Pateros School District.  The highlight for me was the Veterans Day gathering.  We had the privilege and honor of celebrating with Pateros Veterans from multiple eras and a variety of military branches.  Students and staff gave a standing ovation for our WW II veteran and we cheered and clapped for each honored guest as they were introduced.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Green Berets were represented.  Our community has a rich history of service and dedication.  The band, the fifth-grade class, and the ASB each paid tribute to those who have served.  The American Legion demonstrated respect and military precision as they presented the flag, played Taps, and formally removed the flag. Students and staff were able to see informative picture displays and shake hands with our veterans as they exited.  The ceremony was emotionally moving and invited everyone to celebrate our heritage and the lives of those that have served.

    Parent, teachers, and many students met for conferences November 7-9. We had a solid parent/guardian turn out.  Teachers and students were encouraged by the strong partnership that supports student learning.  The halls and classrooms displayed students’ academic work which gave our parents lots to look at and be proud of!

    Student artwork displayed in the halls is capturing attention.  Students working on collective art projects in the hallways present additional learning opportunities.  Seeing teamwork on the large ventures in action is motivating and inspiring.  Adults and K-12 learners have the chance to see the whole process emerge, as the art evolves over days and sometimes weeks from general basics into detailed and deeply textured graphics.

    On October 31 we had the fun of Trunk or Treat in our lower parking lot for our kindergarten – fourth-grade students.  Community members showed up with decorations, costumes, treats, and joyful hearts.  Thank you all for your support and time.

    As I write this letter we are looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving dinner with our parents and community.  Susie Bowles and Susan Solorzano have planned a banquet.  We are increasing the availability of tables to welcome all who will respond to our invitation.  We enjoy serving the quality food to students and their guests! 

    I am pleased to share that our focus on student learning and growth continues to deepen. Teachers are purposefully tracking student progress on learning goals and helping students to see their own advancement as they apply their learning.  Students are engaged in meaningful activities across the classrooms. 

    Focus on Education month is well celebrated in our region.  Radio, newspapers, and other local media share the student voices, educator thoughts, and the reality that education does make a difference.  Our students are covered by KOZI radio.  You can hear from a variety of schools that great things are going on in each community.

    Thank you, Pateros. The community support for our school district shows in many ways.  The good news is that the activities shared in this message were of little or no cost for our district.  We purposefully limit and try to be very strategic in the way we use our resources. Guests in our building often comment on the positive culture our students demonstrate. The challenges and the opportunities to learn help us grow and broaden our foundation as we prepare for the future.  “Learning for all . . . Whatever it takes.”  Your support does make a difference. 





    Lois A. Davies, Ed. D.


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