• Dear Pateros Community,


    Our children are the most cherished part of our lives. I am honored that Pateros has asked me to be the superintendent of your school and ensure the best education possible for your children. My family also appreciates the warm welcome Pateros has given us.  We recently moved to Pateros from our previous home in Selkirk, and are thankful to so many people that have made the transition smooth. 


    School starts for students on August 27th at 8:00 AM with an early release the first day at 11:40 AM.  Staff are back on August 22nd for training. Both the district office and school office are open and busily preparing for the return of staff and students.


    The Pateros School Board is developing a strategic plan for Pateros Schools. The Board is working with ESD 171 Superintendent, Michelle Price. They intend to receive input from community and staff as they identify the priorities for our schools moving forward. 


    2018-19 will see many significant changes brought about by the State Legislators’ response to the Supreme Court Decision on McCleary. These changes eliminated school districts’ over reliance on local levies. In the future, local levies will be audited by the state auditor each year and cannot be used for basic education. Only supplementary programs like extra-curricular activities or additional programs beyond basic education can receive local levy funding.


    The Legislature also changed high stakes testing now allowing a remediation class and final exam to be a path to graduation for students not passing their test. This will still hold students accountable by giving those that pass an extra elective, but is much better than a single test deciding if a student could graduate. Pateros will have this class in place starting this fall for juniors that didn’t pass their high stakes test last year.


    Pateros has an outstanding record of graduation rates. Since 2014 the graduation rate has been at least 93% with 5-year graduation rates at or near 100%. The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, OSPI, publishes a school report card on every school in the state. Pateros’s student achievement can be reviewed at:




    These amazing graduation rates are the result of an entire system that should bring pride to all of the Pateros staff, parents and community. Graduation rates and preparing students to earn a wage that allows them to give back to their communities has been a high priority for my entire administrative career. I look forward to helping Pateros maintain this excellent work.




    Greg Goodnight


Last Modified on August 20, 2018